Cloud based Document Management
for Business

Archiving and Editing

1. How to correctly set up the user permissions?

In the tab Management Information, namely under the Advanced user settings, there is a link to User Management. In this section, the Administrator can add, remove and modify data of specific users as well as a group of users. The permissions can be also set for a specific user and for a group of users. Permissions can be set for the particular user or a user group.

2. Do I have to keep also physical documents once they are stored in the electronic form?

Archiving of the original documents depends on the legislative period for document and papers archiving as well as on the corporate culture. It is a common standard for companies that their employees print and archive too much documentation. DMS Greeny is a solution for reduction of operating costs. The users can even search the application directly for data concerning the physical location of the document.

3. Where exactly are my documents located?

The corporate documents are located on the Cloud. Cloud computing, as defined, is a method of providing IT in the form of a service; its predicted reliability, availability, way of provision and invoicing can be compared to electricity supply – the customer pays only for that what he actually consumes. Everybody is using some forms of Cloud computing, even without having realized so. Take, for example, commonly used e-mail accounts, such as Gmail or hotmail.

SaaS solution on Cloud (literary meaning the puffy cloud, metaphorically representing the complex network environment of foreign providers of public Clouds, such as Amazon, Rackspace and others) is the use of a service for which the user pays the operating fees monthly. Let us use a comparison of Cloud and electricity. The customer has a head office somewhere in the world but he does not need to own a complex electricity plant and the grid infrastructure to use electricity. He is only the electricity service consumer. The case of DMS Greeny in the form of SaaS is similar: the customer does not need any hardware but uses MS Greeny (one user or even several dozens of users) and pays for only what he uses (consumes). In order to make the service available also for small and medium-sized enterprises, we have been continuously developing and improving DMS Greeny. Thanks to SaaS solution on Cloud, the customer´s expenses can be reduced; the customer is relieved from buying the unnecessary software, employing IT specialists and the application provides many benefits based on its useful functionalities.

4. Who else can access my documents?

Your documents are not accessible by anybody but the users you have assigned. Naturally, the documents are daily backed up so you do not have to worry about losing them.

5. What if I suspend the service? Can I access my documents?

Yes, you can access your documents even if you suspend the service. Documents are backed-up. Repositories comprising the documents are backed-up and if you decide to suspend the service (e.g. suspension of a business licence, or repositories that were created for audit), you still can access your documents any time.

6. Can I be sure that my documents will not disappear?

Each customer can be sure that their documents will not be lost. Besides backing-up the repositories, the documents are integrated to MS Windows as a tree structure of classic documents and stored in “My Documents” in the computer with installed DMS Greeny.


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