Cloud based Document Management
for Business

Basic Questions

1. How long has InterWay, Inc., been developing their software products and services?

InterWay, Inc., has been operating on the Slovak and foreign markets since 1997. Our portfolio includes professional IT solutions comprising technologies such as Business Process Management /BPM/, Event-driven Architecture /EDA/, Service Oriented Architecture /SOA/, Enterprise Content Management /ECM/, Business Intelligence /BI/, Identity Management /IDM/, Java EE, Virtualization, Cloud computing.

A significant part of our portfolio consists of professional web solutions in the field of portal and intranet solutions, Web Content Management and e-Commerce. We are continually developing and improving our own products, such as Editorial system WebJET, Intranet, Online store eSPACE, Direct e-mail IntelliMail, Travel Agency, Virtual Wizard IWANA, module e-Contracts and others.

Since 2006 we have been developing our own e-Learning tools. By combining own and partner solutions we are able to cover the full range of corporate and formal solution from kindergarten to university.

Adoption of the global trend of Cloud computing in 2008, initiated the origination of DMS Greeny – an affordable modern document management system. Given an affordable price and availability, it can be even used by small and medium-sized companies.

2. How long is DMS Greeny on the market?

Currently marketed version of DMS Greeny is DMS Greeny 2.3.0. Development and improvement of DMS Greeny based on customer requirements has been provided by highly qualified and certified personnel of our software department since 2008.

3. Why exactly SaaS solution on Cloud?

Cloud computing, as defined, is a method of providing IT in the form of a service; its predicted reliability, availability, way of provision and invoicing can be compared to electricity supply – the customer pays only for that what he actually consumes. Everybody is using some forms of Cloud computing, even without having realized so. Take, for example, commonly used e-mail accounts, such as Gmail or hotmail.

SaaS solution on Cloud (literary meaning the puffy cloud, metaphorically representing the complex network environment of foreign providers of public Clouds, such as Amazon, Rackspace and others) is the use of a service for which the user pays the operating fees monthly. Let us use a comparison of Cloud to electricity. The customer has a head office somewhere in the world but he does not need to own a complex electricity plant and the grid infrastructure to use electricity. He is only the electricity service consumer. The case of DMS Greeny in the form of SaaS is similar: the customer does not need any hardware but uses MS Greeny (one user or even several dozens of users) and pays for only what he uses (consumes). In order to make the service available also for small and medium-sized enterprises, we have been continuously developing and improving DMS Greeny. Thanks to SaaS solution on Cloud, the customer´s expenses can be reduced; the customer is relieved from buying the unnecessary software, employing IT specialists and the application provides many benefits based on its useful functionalities.

4. What are hardware requirements of DMS Greeny?

DMS Greeny has no hardware requirements. To use this application, it takes only the Internet connection provided by any computer, laptop or tablet. Via the customer´s set up Internet address and with his authentication data the user logs in DMS Greeny and works.

5. Is DMS Greeny Scalable?

Scalability is one of the major strengths of DMS Greeny. As the service has been originally designed as a product for Cloud environment, it is adapted to use the Cloud devices.

a. The first way of scalability is to increase computing power on demand. This means that if the user of DMS Greeny requires higher performance in a particular period, he can have it, and then, after the urge passes, the performance can be set back to original setting.

b. The second way of scalability is the performance increase and data storage increase. If needed, the user can increase the number of his repositories, i. e. data storage capacity, or reduce their number. The user can have several repositories at his disposal; they can be sorted according to years, operating period or the user can purchase a special repository for audit only for a few months. The use of DMS Greeny fully depends on individual customers and their demands. More information on additional services as well as on purchasing multiple repositories can be found on DMS Greeny homepage.

c. The 3rd method is setting of hours of service. Users have the possibility to set the period (hours, days), during which the application will be active or inactive. Inactive service means that in the time given a user is not able to connect to the service, per quod he will not be charged for the used space and computing power.


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