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1. Can DMS Greeny be installed and configured by a non-IT specialist?

Yet, it can. Service of DMS Greeny consists of several user interfaces. Web application is ready to use and does not require any installation; it only needs to be configured in accordance with needs of the customer.

The installation of other interfaces (digitization application, MS Windows integration application) is a simple process. Before the installation itself, the customer should consider the user roles and competencies for individual employees and assign employees with wider user permissions for roles of Administrator and Business Administrator. Only the user with Administrator privileges can install applications to computers of individual users. Business Administrator has somewhat less competencies than Administrator but more than a common user. The installation process and any other settings can be handled by a person with no IT training.

2. Is DMS Greeny scalable?

Yes, it is. If needed, the user can increase the number of his repositories, i. e. data storage capacity, or reduce their number. The user can have several repositories at his disposal; they can be sorted according to years, operating period or the user can purchase a special repository for audit only for a few months. The use of DMS Greeny fully depends on individual customers and their demands. More information on additional services as well as on purchasing multiple repositories can be found on DMS Greeny homepage.

3. How does the installation process for integration with MS Windows run?

The Administrator runs the setup.exe programme which displays the initial installation screen. The installation process itself is simple. At the outset, the Administrator is notified about Windows Explorer restart, therefore it is recommended to close all currently running applications. During the installation process, the Administrator must agree to licence conditions and the agreement starts up the installation process. After the successful installation, a window pops up in which the Administrator can select the option of autorun DMS Explorer.

4. Setting the permissions

In the tab of Management Information, namely under the Advanced user settings can be found a link to User Management. In this section, the Administrator can add, remove and modify data of specific users as well as of a group of users. The permissions can be also set for a specific user and for a group of users. Permissions can be added, removed or modified with regard to the particular record type.


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