Cloud based Document Management
for Business


1. How does the search work? Does it search the documents or only the names of documents?

The search can be provided by the three MDMS data types, namely attachments of specific records, record metadata and names of records. DMS Greeny comprises the two types of search: fulltext and catalogue.

  • Fulltext search searches the key word in the attachments of records, their names and also in their metadata.
  • Catalogue search allows you to narrow the search by entering additional specifications for the record searched. Such specification may be, for instance, a directory, category or author of the record.

2. Does the search run over all repositories?

The search runs over the actual repository, that is, over the repository the user is currently working with or enters the search in.

3. What is expert search?

This search is similar to catalogue search for advanced users. Instead of requirement specification through the form, you can use the written abbreviations.


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