Cloud based Document Management
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Technical Specification

DMS Greeny is installed on the infrastructure of the Cloud service provider. Thus, it is user friendly. How to make DMS Greeny and specific documents accessible and of which interfaces is it composed.... DMS Greeny is an ecosystem consisting of several technologies.

DMS Greeny System

DMS Greeny is installed on the infrastructure of the Cloud service provider. Therefore the user does not have to address the installation nor configuration of the system. DMS Greeny is an ecosystem consisting of several technologies. Essentially, it can be divided into:

  • The layer working with data,
  • The security layer providing controlled access to documents,
  • The layer comprising the communication interfaces for users as well as for external systems,
  • The layer comprising the logic.

System Initialization

Before DMS Greeny is initialized, the user will provide the data necessary to establish:

  • Users and groups and setting of their privileges in accordance with the structure of the company,
  • Types of records according to the agenda of the company and documents used in the company.

Storing Data in DMS Greeny

The data are stored in:

  • Relational databases – there are mainly metadata of the records and data related to the operations with the records,
  • On a file server (LDAP supporting) –records of users and user groups (roles),
  • On file system of the operating system (File system) - documents (MS Office files, pdf files, images, video, ... ).

User Access to DMS Greeny

The main interface through which the user communicates with DMS Greeny, are web browser, DMS Digitization and DMS Explorer.

DMS Digitization

DMS Digitization is the JAVA application installed on the computer of a particular user. A pre-requisite is installed JVM.

This application can digitize documents from different sources.

Scanning equipment, which is connected direct to the computer as well as to the computer network. Windows WIA Interface is used for communication with these scanning equipment, therefore it is necessary that the equipment supports WIA interface. The application works with WIA1 and WIA2. Such processing of records requires a scanner, which is compatible with activators.

Documents, which are identified for digitalization can be pre-scanned in the form of pictures and saved on storage media. These pre-prepared documents are being processed by the application in the standard way, including recognition of texts and creating of new records in DMS Greeny.

DMS Explorer

DMS Greeny Explorer is an application, which provides access to the records and their appendixes direct from environment of user’s computer with operation system MS Windows. It is primary oriented on comfortable work with records and appendixes, without necessity to approach on web interface. It is a .NET application, which is executable whitout any other prerequisites after being installed.

Both of client’s applications communicate with DMS Greeny located on Cloud by web services. Provided web services are documented and accessible for other external systems, which can use selected functionalities of DMS Greeny.

Security of the Access to the Documents
  • Secure and controlled access uses the technology OpenAM and combines it with OpenDS. OpenAM secures authentication and authorization for DMS web applications and web services.
  • Encrypted HTTPS communication.
  • Client’s applications of DMS Greeny Explorer and DMS Greeny Digitalization authenticate towards the service DMS Greeny by SSL certificates.
User System Requirements
  • Operating system: Windows XP, Vista, 7 (64, 32 bit versionse)
  • Web browser : Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Internet Explorer
  • JAVA: JRE ( Java Runtime Environment ) 6 or higher version (JRE for 32 bit version OS)

Glossary of Terms

Operating System = Basic software installed on the computre enabling users to control hardware and run programmes. The best-known operating systems are MS Windows and LINUX.

JVM = Environment to be installed on the operating system. This environment is required by applications written in JAVA programming language.

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